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Westbrook Village Voices

Bringing Joy and Inspiration to the community since 1993!

"At The Hop" with The Village Voices on April 5, 6 & 7

The Men's Quartet


The "Sh-Boom" Shuffle!

Life CAN be a dream!

Gene Brandwein, MIke Eaton

George Lund George Hoffman

The Polka is Safer


Connie Denton loses her little darlin' during "The Tennessee Waltz"

The Moon Stood Still


Finding their thrill on "Blueberry Hill"

Faith Bachik and Mike Eaton

Gene with Cee and the Chicklets


"Only You"

They all swooned

Gene and The Gems


Singin' 'bout their "Little Darlin'"

Jim Prondzinski, Jim Czuchra

John Worden, Gene Brandwein

Cee and the Chicklets


"All Right, OK, You Win"

Joan Sellers, Elizabeth Giannelli, Marilyn Hoppman,

Cee Cervenka

Linda Hergott, Rita Murphy, Peggy Johnson

A Teenager's Lament


George Hoffman asks,

"Why Must I Be a Teenager in Love?"

The Ladies Ensemble on Love


The Teddy Bears originally said it and no one knows better than Judy Christenson and her girlfriends, "To Know Him is to Love Him"

A Little Advice from George Lund


Fairy tales will come true, if you're

"Young at Heart"

Rowdy Teenager


John Worden makes sure that everyone knows his "gang" rules Westbrook Village

An Appeal to the Goddess of Love


Ivan Fortin declares, "Venus if you do, I promise that I always will  be true."

Now You Say You Love Me


"You Can Cry Me a River" with Joan Behrens and Bill Chism captivated the audience.

A Handsome Group


The Low Tones want to know, "Hey Good Lookin', Watcha Got Cookin'?"

Your PARENTS Are Watching!


Yakety Yak! DON'T TALK BACK!

Rock and Roll is Here to Stay


The Mixed Choir is "All Shook Up"

Rock and Roll is Here to Stay - YouTube Videos

Spring Concert - Act #1

01 - Sh-Boom ♦

02 - A Blast from the Past ♦

03 - Blueberry Hill ♦

04 - At the Hop ♦

05 - Only You ♦

06 - Alright, Ok, You Win ♦

07 - Venus ♦

08 - The Tennessee Waltz ♦

09 - Breaking Up is Hard to Do/Hello Mary Lou ♦

10 - Cry Me a River ♦

11 - Young at Heart ♦

12 - Tequila ♦

13 - Teenager in Love ♦

14 - To Know Him is to Love Him ♦

15 - Hey Good Lookin’ ♦

16 - I Love How You Love Me ♦

17 - Great Balls of Fire ♦

18 - Little Darlin’ ♦

Spring Concert - Act #2

19 - Jailhouse Rock ♦

20 - Love MeTender ♦

21 - Blue Suede Shoes ♦

22 - Can’t Help Falling in Love ♦

23 - Bye Bye Love ♦

24 - Finale ♦

Also, from The Follies: Village Voices Singers

Wheel of Fortune ♦

Someone to Watch Over Me ♦

This Can’t Be Love ♦

When Joanna Loved Me ♦

Evergreen ♦

Rubber Ducky ♦

Lida Rose ♦

You Were Always on My Mind ♦