Westbrook Village Voices

Celebrating 25 years of bringing Joy and Inspiration through singing!


The Westbrook Village Voices

Rock and Roll is Here to STAY!

"At The Hop" with The Village Voices on April 5, 6 & 7

The Men's Quartet


The "Sh-Boom" Shuffle!

Life CAN be a dream!

Gene Brandwein, MIke Eaton

George Lund George Hoffman

The Polka is Safer


Connie Denton loses her little darlin' during "The Tennessee Waltz"

The Moon Stood Still


Finding their thrill on "Blueberry Hill"

Faith Bachik and Mike Eaton

Gene with Cee and the Chicklets


"Only You"

They all swooned

Gene and The Gems


Singin' 'bout their "Little Darlin'"

Jim Prondzinski, Jim Czuchra

John Worden, Gene Brandwein

Cee and the Chicklets


"All Right, OK, You Win"

Joan Sellers, Elizabeth Giannelli, Marilyn Hoppman,

Cee Cervenka

Linda Hergott, Rita Murphy, Peggy Johnson

A Teenager's Lament


George Hoffman asks,

"Why Must I Be a Teenager in Love?"

The Ladies Ensemble on Love


The Teddy Bears originally said it and no one knows better than Judy Christenson and her girlfriends, "To Know Him is to Love Him"

A Little Advice from George Lund


Fairy tales will come true, if you're

"Young at Heart"

Rowdy Teenager


John Worden makes sure that everyone knows his "gang" rules Westbrook Village

An Appeal to the Goddess of Love


Ivan Fortin declares, "Venus if you do, I promise that I always will  be true."

Now You Say You Love Me


"You Can Cry Me a River" with Joan Behrens and Bill Chism captivated the audience.

A Handsome Group


The Low Tones want to know, "Hey Good Lookin', Watcha Got Cookin'?"

Your PARENTS Are Watching!


Yakety Yak! DON'T TALK BACK!

Rock and Roll is Here to Stay


The Mixed Choir is "All Shook Up"

Rock and Roll is Here to Stay - YouTube Videos

Spring Concert - Act #1

01 - Sh-Boom ♦ https://youtu.be/qO_e44ou6iw

02 - A Blast from the Past ♦ https://youtu.be/xkqv8V24EeA

03 - Blueberry Hill ♦ https://youtu.be/E3yWDdU2DKY

04 - At the Hop ♦ https://youtu.be/isJHMTP51yY

05 - Only You ♦ https://youtu.be/hA8cIPA3yuk

06 - Alright, Ok, You Win ♦ https://youtu.be/tHN3XQ79Sjo

07 - Venus ♦ https://youtu.be/6cYKYQ9m-TI

08 - The Tennessee Waltz ♦ https://youtu.be/9PvUbEYWhw0

09 - Breaking Up is Hard to Do/Hello Mary Lou ♦ https://youtu.be/RtD0Q91uHe0

10 - Cry Me a River ♦ https://youtu.be/5479kl16AOA

11 - Young at Heart ♦ https://youtu.be/450HIPAevNM

12 - Tequila ♦ https://youtu.be/X8HA1YeFMhg

13 - Teenager in Love ♦ https://youtu.be/FjQWcPy7dmM

14 - To Know Him is to Love Him ♦ https://youtu.be/SwjeUBUGEFU

15 - Hey Good Lookin’ ♦ https://youtu.be/xao84by7Sr0

16 - I Love How You Love Me ♦ https://youtu.be/-vG2_WXVgt0

17 - Great Balls of Fire ♦ https://youtu.be/LcrkTYpKhYA

18 - Little Darlin’ ♦ https://youtu.be/q7bgMuUPtwY

Spring Concert - Act #2

19 - Jailhouse Rock ♦ https://youtu.be/fapuxf_AgqY

20 - Love MeTender ♦ https://youtu.be/V0oaQSlJWQQ

21 - Blue Suede Shoes ♦ https://youtu.be/hkHXcyQbaqM

22 - Can’t Help Falling in Love ♦ https://youtu.be/atAVmhPOly8

23 - Bye Bye Love ♦ https://youtu.be/HydTx_c9SE4

24 - Finale ♦ https://youtu.be/_QJ0vX9XaRM

Also, from The Follies: Village Voices Singers

Wheel of Fortune ♦ https://youtu.be/lznjNYuPhPI

Someone to Watch Over Me ♦ https://youtu.be/PMGen7mt-qw

This Can’t Be Love ♦ https://youtu.be/YKqKtKhBDaI

When Joanna Loved Me ♦ https://youtu.be/heMmHuBYtC4

Evergreen ♦ https://youtu.be/idCoYIeo-iA

Rubber Ducky ♦ https://youtu.be/94aeIzlyBjk

Lida Rose ♦ https://youtu.be/G-HGIrhFltM

You Were Always on My Mind ♦ https://youtu.be/J_5VnMCSeSM

Our New Risers Are Here!


And we extend A BIG VERY THANK YOU to all of our benefactors!

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The Fund Raising Drive for the purchase of new risers that was initiated in late 2018 has come to fruition -- the new risers recently arrived and they are perfect in every way! They are safer, wider, more stable and facilitate easy access to all three levels. With the added railings and their modular construction, the new risers are secure and flexible, and allow for multiple arrangements to suit the event, be it a choral performance, a meeting or simply just for extra seating, 

The new riser system will be dedicated in memory of Debbie Eaton during the Village Voices 2019 Spring Concerts on April 5th & 6th at 7:00 p.m., and on April 7th at 3:00 p.m. at the Vistas Ballroom.

Debbie is the late wife of choir member Mike Eaton. She was a long-time resident of Westbrook Village, a beloved friend of the Village Voices, and a very talented artist and interior designer in the NW Valley. We will fondly remember Debbie's contagious smile, her outgoing personality, kind heart, and love for everyone she met.

Tickets for the concerts are available at the Vistas Rec Center Reception Desk starting at 9:00 a.m. on Tuesday, March 5, 2019.

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Share Our Passion for Music

The Village Voices Want YOU!


Are you a seasoned singer or musician? Are you an aspiring singer who has always wanted to be part of a choir? If so, the Westbrook Village Voices has a place for you!  Improve your personal musicianship, enjoy outstanding support and build long-lasting friendships. Come and be part of the fun!

Hear Our Women's Ensemble

Our History


The Westbrook Village Voices Choir Program was formed 25 years ago to give residents and community members, who enjoy singing, an opportunity to continue developing their musical talent.  Members enjoy fun and focused rehearsals each week during the season. In addition, exciting opportunities to perform are offered to Village Voices Choir members.

You Too Can Be Part of the Fun!

Ten Amazing Benefits of Singing with the Westbrook Village Voices

Start the new year off with singing! Here are ten benefits you can enjoy when you sing with the Village Voices choir. Singing is fundamental to health, happiness and having lots of fun! 

  1. Singing decreases stress and anxiety. 
  2. Singing improves cognition and your overall brain function. 
  3. Singing leads to a longer life. 
  4. Singing lowers your blood pressure. 
  5. Singing tones your facial muscles, diaphragm, and intercostal muscles. 
  6. Singing increases empathy and understanding for others. 
  7. Singing develops your lung capacity and strengthens posture. 
  8. Singing brings people together and creates a sense of community. 
  9. Singing improves your memory as you age. 
  10. Singing boosts your immunity.

Come improve your health and happiness with the incredibly fun activity of singing with the Westbrook Village Voices. Our Spring Show is “Rock and Roll is Here to Stay” and you too can be part of the fun!

Our Choir Director


Shelley Logan comes to us from Monroe, WA and is a second generation owner in Westbrook Village.  She attended the University of Washington majoring in Music Education and Vocal Performance.  She studied with Dr. Abraham Kaplan, Roy Cummings, Dr. Barbara Lundquist, and Augusto Paglialunga to name a few acclaimed teachers. She earned extended training at Seattle Pacific University. Shelley has taught music to all ages, is an experienced public/private school choral director and is an accomplished vocalist and pianist. Shelley founded the Snohomish County Children's Choir in 1999, serving hundreds of students, and which continues today as the Snohomish County Youth Chorus in Everett, WA.  She was a member of the ACDA, SCMTA, Washington Music Educators Association, and the National Association of Music Educators. Shelley is retired and works as a private vocal instructor, coach, and piano teacher.  When Shelley is not enthusiastically directing the Village Voices, she is the featured singer with the band ENCORE.

 ♫  ♫  ♫  ♫  ♫  ♫ 

Our Accompanist


Janet MacDonald hails from Two Harbors, MN, and is now retired to Sun City.  Janet is passionate about music education for everyone and has taught vocal and instrumental music, music theory, classroom music, and piano to all ages, from elementary through college. She was a member of the Cecilian Society, ACDA, MENC, MMTA and Minnesota Band Directors. A graduate of Cornell College, Janet is an accomplished organist, singer, and accompanist. Having studied with Dr. Ardath Paul, Dr. Julian Bern, and Dr. Beverly Avery, Jan's rich musical heritage also includes work with Jazz greats like Sonny Rollins, Phil Woods and more. Summers up north include involvement with Lyric Opera of the North, the Duluth Playhouse and spending time at the cabin. She now shares her prodigious musical talents with American Lutheran Church, Arizona Music Festival Chorus, and as accompanist for the Freedom Plaza Singers & the vibrant Village Voices.

♫  ♫  ♫  ♫  ♫  ♫

Join The Village Voices


 For details and more information, contact:

Shelley Logan

The Westbrook Village Voices

Choir Director

Phone: (425) 330-2317

Email: WBVillageVoices@gmail.com

Village Voices Board of Directors


Diane Kane   •   President

Pat Loch-Shaw   •   Vice President

Irene Thaggard   •   Treasurer

Carol Cox   •   Secretary

Ivan Fortin    •    Public Relations

Ron Laumann   •   Librarian

Betsy Stuehling   •   Historian

Cyndi Wilson   •   Social Chairperson

Shelley Logan    •    Choir Director

<> About the Board of Directors <>

The Cactus Club


The Cactus Club is the heart of the performing  arts community in Westbrook Village! 


Residents who love drama, music, and dance are supporting the Performing Arts Council of Westbrook Village by joining The Cactus Club.  Our generous donor contributions, at any of five available levels, ensure that quality performances continue right here in our own community.  This vital funding is also used for stage and technical improvements (lighting, sound, and other performance essentials) that allow us to bring you multiple state-of the art productions each season.

Although the annual Cactus Club Membership Drive launches in October of each year, anyone can join at any time. See Join the Cactus Club below for more details below.

Why wait? Become a member of The Cactus Club today and enjoy the many benefits available all Cactus Club members.  The Westbrook Village Voices thanks you for your support of the Cactus Club and looks forward to seeing you at all of our shows each season.

Questions / Inquiries:  John Worden    •    (623) 377-2189   •   CactusClubforPAC@gmail.com

Cactus Club Member Benefits


What are the Catcus Club member benefits? Checkout the perks!

See all the Cactus Club Member Benefits

Join the Cactus Club Today


Enjoy all the benefits that are available only to Cactus Club members.

Get the Cactus Club Membership Form

Be a Village Voices Sponsor!


Sponsoring a Village Voices production creates a partnership with you and the Village Voices that promotes your business to concert attendees, Westbrook Village residents and many of the adjacent communities. 

Your business ad is featured prominently in our concert program and appears in the sponsorship section of the Westbrook Village Voices web page below. Your sponsorship also allows the Village Voices to provide multiple high quality productions each year at very attractive ticket prices.

Click on Westbrook Village Voices Sponsorship Program and Sponsorship Agreement to download all the information you need to become a Village Voices Sponsor for our 2019 winter season concert, Christmas Time is Here, in December, 2019, and our 2020 spring concert, A Sentimental Journey, in April, 2020.

Please click here on > Rock and Roll is Here to Stay (our 2019 Spring Concert Program), to view the many examples of sponsor business ads and how they are displayed and promoted in the concert program .